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Founded by three friends in 2016 and based in London, the Yellow Projects team is made up of friends, family, strangers, humans from all different nationalities and backgrounds.

At The Yellow Projects we have one overarching ideal that drives us forwards: there is more that unites us than divides us. With that concept always held close to our hearts we aim to create a worldwide network for artists, activists and creators of all creeds and colours, and through this provide charitable aid to the disadvantaged ones.

Working in long-standing venues, community centres, and outdoor areas, we specialise in putting on vibrant, kaleidoscopic events and showcasing artists, from established powerhouses like Faithless to unknown heroes with energy and dreams in their eyes. No artist is too small to join the Yellow family, none too big to resist it’s joyful gravity.

As a net-for-profit organisation, all proceeds from our events go to either funding each years Yellow Days Festival, or to the charities and NGO's we are partnered with. We are always looking for more volunteers and partners to help spread the Yellow spirit around the world. If you would like to get involved contact us here.

Meet the team


Nina Alonso


Someone had to make the first move. She believes that everything looks better in yellow. Say what you wanna say, do what you wanna do, the revolution is right here in front of you.


India Rose


We believe that some kind of magic resides in her hands. She can heal even the most undomesticated human. She deals with infinit possibilities every day.


Constantin Grönert


He has a sixth sense detecting when something is or is about to be wrong. He suffers of unicorn overwhelming. Constantin has all the answers, and if he misses one, he will google it.


Tessa Rose


Also well known as "Adventurous Woman" and "Knife Collector". She is the strongest, and not only because of her (obvious) muscles, but also because of her unbreakable soul.


Lucas Aldrich


Talented writer and better friend. Rumours are, that since Yellow Days started the only way to find Lucas was in the kitchen.


Sara Monica


Some people call her "Techno Queen". She has always wanted to perform a superhero in movies. She ended up being Wonderwoman in real life.


Farah Jordan


The society´s destiny rests on how it treats its children. Farah has got the talent to make you feel at home and safe wherever she is.


Alithea Joseph


You can find the meaning of life in a spreadsheet. Her laugh is contagious, and will make you laugh for hours: unfit for boring people. She is the sweetest and politest angel, till you put in doubt the vegan movement.


Stefan Petcov


From creating strategies to reach people on commercial activities, till starting the real positive change.


The Yellow Days Festival in Leros 2017, is the first instalment of a new vein of net-for-profit humanitarian festival.

While frustration and confusion feed the reality of many refugees currently installed in Greece and also a disconnect and disapproval within the local communities. The Yellow Days Festival creates a bridge within these communities bringing an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Using the most human attributes to unite communities with different religions, beliefs and backgrounds; food, art, music & dialogue.

There is more that unites us than separates us. The Yellow Day´s mission is to invite this new approach to everyone.

We provide a platform to experience equality, tolerance, respect and fun (LOADS of fun!). Create new networks within the habitants in Greece (refugees and locals) and invoke new projects to flourish after the festival is celebrated.

The Yellow Days festival is a self-funded enterprise. By hosting a variety of events around the UK and Spain, our GoFundMe campaign and most importantly the solidarity and support from friends and strangers who believe in the Yellow Ethos. Donated venues, time & effort, skills and love has been the key cocktail to our yellow dream taking shape and moving forwards everyday. We are currently seeking sponsors & partnerships for 2018´s festival.


Right now there are 14,000 refugees scattered around the greek islands in the Aegean Sea. One of these islands is Leros . Despite the physical proximity of the locals and the refugees on the island, there is a stark divide between the two communities, with little integration in between. The refugees on the island are given the means to survive, but not to live, to enjoy life.

In 2017 we brought the first ever Yellow Days Festival to Leros, where the idea for the festival had first formed over a year ago. Starting with a small skeleton crew, who arrived about 2 months before the festival was due to start, we began preparations. We forged relationships with local business owners, began lining up local artists to perform and teach, and started collecting recycling all over the island for what would soon become our festival decor .

As the festival edged nearer the crew steadily grew in size, until eventually we had no less than 60 volunteers on hand and eager to help. Soon setup began on the festival sites. Along with the crew size, the decorations had also grown in ambition and imagination. Carpentry and landscaping entered the mix of tasks to complete, and within a week the two sites had been transformed into fantastical locations, complete with giant octopus and spider-web.

Finally, opening day arrived. Kicking off with a speech extolling the beliefs and hopes of Yellow Days, recited in English, Greek, and Arabic, the first night was exactly what we needed to kick the festival off right.

Over the next three days we ran workshops , had artists from over 30 different nationalities perform music and create art together, and brought the locals and refugees together in a safe, joyful space.

The inaugural festival was proof of concept to us. Proof that, while food and shelter are indeed necessities for survival, love and joy are just as vital.


Our journey: since the idea was born in summer 2016, we have done a series of events to raise funds and make the festival possible.

London, UK

The Yellow Projects first ever event was a community based gathering in the style of a cultural fair, featuring art by local artists, performance art, visual installations, live music, workshops held in an abandoned archaic London bus and stalls selling products designed and made by local crafts men & women, held in the Omnibus in North London. It was the phenomenal experience here that exhibited the potential of like-minded individuals in a creative environment with freedom of expression.

Deia, Spain

Our first official event, we brought the village of Deia, Mallorca together with a big raffle. Every local business contributed prizes, from free dinners at restaurants to credit for local shops. We host the raffle and do an open doors celebration at Sa Fonda bar, the hearth of the village. We cooked some food, made new friends, and danced all day to music by Meneo and Nin Petit.

October 2016 - THE YELLOW HOUSE
London, UK

This time we used a North London creative community as our platform to share our message and raise money. We converted a six story residential building in to a vibrant, expressive scene. Every resident opened their homes to create a singular, creative hive, with every neighbour sharing their skills and talents with each other. Some neighbours cooked food, others played music, others taught different activities such as yoga, origami, meditation, live drawing, painting, and others simply brought family and friends to the event, and invited people to donate to the cause.

Yellow House

London, UK

After various artists, including Blair Zaye, Dominik Zarowny, Chloe Mandy and Sam King, donated pieces of their art to the Yellow Days cause we decided to make a small event of it. We invited any and all members of the local Manor House community to come together and share poetry, music, and personal stories, before we auctioned off the works.

Yellow christmas gathering

London, UK

This was the big one. Our first official festival showcase at The Hive in Dalston. A day for all ages and tastes, we transformed the community centre into an interactive magical platform. Over 12 hours we had our special blend of unique workshops, inspiring forums, eye opening performances and non-stop tunes. Artists like Maxi Jazz (Faithless) and organisations like the amazing Flying Seagull Project came to participate and support the cause!

London yellow day

31 Ago - 3 Sept 2017 - THE YELLOW DAYS FESTIVAL
Leros Island, Greece

The reason why we undertook this journey. The Yellow Days Festival aims at uniting cultures from different backgrounds, beliefs and religions, bringing an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other through food, art, music and dialogue. Click here for more information.

The yellow days festival

Bristol, UK

Honouring Bonfire night - the Yellow Days family came together in our first meeting with the whole crew from Leros. This time we celebrated yellow on a farm located in a magical forest just outside Bristol. We built a big wooden phoenix that we burnt underneath the moon, and we jammed and danced all night long.

Yellow days fire festival


None of this would be possible without the organisations and people on the ground striving everyday to help those displaced and devastated by circumstances outside of their control. If you like and support our message, check out these wonderful organisations too.